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Re: [ARSCLIST] Thirties Stereo

The reference found on the web points to a CD on the Iron Needle label, and for me that is not a thrilling recommendation. Has anyone heard this CD and care to comment on the quality of the transfer?

Joe Salerno
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Roger and Allison Kulp wrote:
I have the Beecham centenary box,referenced on this
board,which looks good thanks for the link.While EMI
was behind the curve,in putting out thier first
Lps,and getting into stereo,they weren't the only
ones.Victor,put out both 33 "Lps",and were into
stereo,in the 30s.The Lps,were the famous "Program
Transcriptions',there are a few pop ones,but there is
also the Stokowski "Unfinished",which i own,and the
Toscanini Wagner Preludes,which i am actively
seeking,as well as a Beethoven #5,which i don't know
who did.(Like to get this too.)
As for stereo,I am aware of two systems.There is a
very cumbersome Victor system,that used synchronized
tandem turntables,with the left,and right channels,on
two different records.I am aware of recordings of this
type,by Duke Ellington,which I heard,when they were
issued on CD,several years ago.

  And then there was Bell Telephone/Laboratories,with
thier famous Stokowski recordings,of 1931,issued on
private Lps,by Ma Bell,in 1979. Quoting from the liner
notes "Another Bell Labs innovationfrom this era  was
stereophonic recording and reproduction.As the quality
of sound systems improved,some kinds of distortion
became noticeable.A.C.Keller and I.S. Rafuse concieved
a way of reducing them by seperating the high and low
frequencies and recording them on parallel tracks on
the same record.Later they fond a way of recording two
complete sound tracks in one groove and using a single
pickup to reproduce both tracks simultaneously with
minimum interference.From this came the recording of
two full range bands from left and right microphonesin
the same groove-the stereo technique perfected by
Keller and Rafuse in 1938.

  But Stereophonic records needed needed expensive
pickups and two amplifiers and speakers,so it was
difficult to find a market during the depression era
of the 1930s.It wasn't until after World War II that
stereo recordings and equipment for the home became

 I have a duplicate of one of these Lps next to me,in
a pile I want to stick on eBone.I can't get thier new
photo upload system to work on my Mac here.If anyone
can help me,please contact me offlist.
                                 Roger Kulp

--- Steven Smolian <smolians@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

The record was issued by Symposium, pressed from

Steven Smolian

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Interesting thread on the Classical message board
of BBC 3:

Frank B Strauss, DMD

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