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Re: [ARSCLIST] Tape baking question

On 11/10/06, Steven C. Barr(x) wrote:
> ----- Original Message ----- 
> From: "Karl Miller" <lyaa071@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>> > We've had a few people on this list mention either dubs of old
>> > tapes or
>>  tape-to-digital dubs that turned out bad that were done
>> inconsistently
>> and unprofessionally by "student labor" or "volunteers." WHile the
>> spirit of
> helping was very nice,
>>> the result was useless.
>> Indeed. I believe that years ago transfer work even at Library of
>> Congress
>> was done by students. At our library, our new director apparently
>> places
>> no value in the skills needed to do proper digitization...nor in the
>> knowledge of discography. With that sort of attitudes, there isn't
>> much
>> hope for libraries.
> As I recall, the use of student labour was what limited the usability
> of the RDI; they were looking at photographs of the labels, and often
> couldn't tell artists from composers from, in extreme cases, titles!
> One wonders if there were (supposedly) records of, or by, "Use Victor
> Needles!"

Amazon's classical music database suffers from the same problem.

Don Cox

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