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[ARSCLIST] Ediphone Cylinders

Robert Hodge wrote:

 The dictation cylinders are a different animal when compared to the
 usual " 2 minute" and " 4 minute " cylinders. Edison decided that
 he wasn't gong to allow compatability between the business and
 entertainment cylinders , so the grooves per inch and groove size
 were altered to attain this . The pitch of the mandrel remained the

 Because dictation cylinders have by design, as the cylinders were
 designed to be shaved and reused, a smaller, more fragile groove due
 to wax hardening and embrittlement caused by evaporation of volatile
 oils and a lower level of signal by design of the acoustic
 recording heads used by most dictation machines of that era , I
 would not recommend using a dictophone to play them back.

 Whatever method you decide to pursue for playback, I'd highly
 recommend that an electronic method would be best.

Good. That's what I'll try. Thanks for the advice.

-- Jack Raymond

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