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Re: [ARSCLIST] Symphonic Digital Programs

The Philadelphia Orchestra's broadcast archives are in storage with us.

There is no systematic digitzation being under taken. Only as-called.

About 20 years ago a large portion of the collection (mostly from the Ormandy era) were digitized to...
(I'm not making this up, folks) 14-bit PCM-F1 with VHS tape.

The VHS-F1 tapes went to the University of Pennsylvania Ormandy Archive, where I've heard they have since been migrated. I don't know what format, or how they did the playback. I think it was student labor.


----- Original Message ---- From: Karl Miller lyaa071@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx >Cleveland Orchestra I> believe they have just about everything that was broadcast, or so I have > been told. Another set resides in a private collection. As to how much of > this has been digitized, I can't say. Not much is digitised. I visited Carol Jacobs, their archivist, last summer and when she showed me the audio archive room it was still all 10.5" reels. I asked about digitisation and she said very little is. If it's needed for release, then it's digitised. Cheers, Lani Spahr

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