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Re: [ARSCLIST] Symphonic Digital Programs

On 06/10/06, Karl Miller wrote:

(Skip loads of good stuff)

> In short, while the new agreement with the AFM allows some of these
> orchestras...while others are negotiating directly with their
> musicians...the opportunity to sell downloads of their current and
> historic broadcasts, as far as I know, not one of the orchestras
> probably other than the Dallas Symphony, has a backfile that could be
> ready to be sold. The BSO has, with some substantive gaps, perhaps the
> most complete set of broadcasts.

The big change, I think, is that in say the 1950s it was assumed that
recordings would always be made under studio conditions, as any wrong
notes would be fatal. More recently, many (or even most) classical and
jazz music listeners have come to prefer "live" recordings.

> Should you want me to ramble more and tell more rescue stories and
> more horror stories, let me know.

Yes, this kind of thing is always of interest and certainly worth
putting on (written) record.

Don Cox

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