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Re: [ARSCLIST] CD versus Download was "All hail the analogue revolution..."

On 04/10/06, Bob Olhsson wrote:
> Mike Richter wrote:
>> Certainly that business model benefits classical music. It provides
>> income for capable musicians who would otherwise have no exposure. It
>> provides excellent performances for collectors who are not concerned
>> about the difference in sound between a Steinway and a Bechstein.
> It provides NO income for the musicians and only the possibility of
> "exposure" for the organization and the conductor. Collectors in most
> (but not all) cases can get higher quality performances for the same
> money elsewhere. 

In many cases the Naxos disc is the only one on the market of a
particular work.

> It benefits Naxos because it's much easier to get a
> new recording reviewed than a reissue. It benefits film makers because
> no residuals are payable to the musicians if they license from Naxos.
> Sorry, it's the musicians who are carrying the entire burden of the
> lower prices. This only encourages the next generation of young
> musicians to not take up music as their profession.

Naxos is no longer a low price label. Their prices went up, and there
are now many other labels (and series from the majors) at the same or
lower prices. 

Don Cox

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