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Re: [ARSCLIST] Warsaw Concerto / STINSON SLP 38 / SCHWANN Catalog

Hello Mike

On 02/10/06, Mike Richter wrote:
> Thomas Stern wrote:
>> I have received the following citation in response to an inquiry on
>> another forum concerning STINSON LP's. May 1955 Schwann catalog lists
>> Stinson 38 (p. 128) as: Concert Warsaw Concerto, etc. (piano, organ,
>> violin) It seems unusual that a classical selection should appear in
>> a series of folk-blues-jazz recordings, so I wonder if anyone can
>> confirm or counter this information. Did the Warsaw Concerto, and
>> other classical titles appear on Asch/Disc/Stinson 78's or lp's? If
>> someone has the referenced Schwann catalog, can they confirm the
>> listing, or the existence of a different Stinson label, or a
>> mis-interpretation of the label cited? Many Thanks!
>> Thomas.
> The Warsaw Concerto is rarely (if ever) considered a "classical" work.
> That is not necessarily snobbishness since in neither form nor content
> is it more than a popular piece in classical guise.
> I do not have that Schwann, but the January 1955 and 1956 editions
> list only the Smokey Mountain Suite for Addinsell, no Warsaw Concerto
> at all.

I think it would be classed as "light music", which covers short pieces
that use the same instruments, harmonies, and general sound as 19th
century classical music. Composers such as Ronald Binge, Leroy Andersen,
Eric Coates or Robert Farnon.

There is no sharp line between such pieces and similar "classical"
music, such as Strauss waltzes, Beethoven waltzes, Tchaikovsky ballet
music, or Elgar marches.

Or, if you need the piano, many pieces by Saint-Saens, Litolff, and

Don Cox

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