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[ARSCLIST] Max de Schauensee dates


I found an entry under "Schnauensee, Max de", in the New Grove
Dictionary of American Music (1986). It gives the following dates:

Born Rome, Italy, 1900
Died Philapelphia, PA, 24 July 1982

The entry references an obituary in "Opera", v.xxxiii (1982), 1015.

Hope this helps,

Nick Patterson
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===== David Lewis wrote:
Some of you may be familiar with Max de Schauensee, who was the
classical music critic for the Philadelphia Evening Bulletin for
many years, an author of liner notes and of the book "The
Collector's Verdi and Puccini."

Does anyone know when he died, and/or his date/place of birth?


David N. Lewis
Assistant Classical Editor, All Music Guide

"Music expresses what one cannot say, but about which one cannot
silent." - Victor Hugo

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