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[ARSCLIST] Fwd: Re: [ARSCLIST] Nikon sonic boom

>>> Robert Hodge 10/3/2006 4:44 PM >>>
One other thing and to illustrate my point, I once encountered a
scenario of a wireless mike system which would be inundated occationally
with loud bursts of noise. There was nothing obvious in the entire
facility which would have caused this. While walking down the hall one
day, I heard the report of the wireless mike system  and saw at the same
time a florescent tube flicker..replacing the tube eliminated the
harmonic rich Rf source which caused the mike system to malfunction. It
had to have been a harmonic of the operating frequency to cause the
receivers to break squelch. 

Rf harmonics can do strange things...

Bob Hodge

Robert Hodge,
Senior Engineer
Belfer Audio Archive
Syracuse University
222 Waverly Ave .
Syracuse N.Y. 13244-2010

315-443- 7971

>>> Marcia Segal <joule@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> 10/3/2006 3:30 PM >>>
I'm posting this on behalf of a colleague not on the list; please
excuse cross-postings.

While it reads like a joke, and some people have suggested it as such,
it isn't, and any insights on what happened and how to avoid it would be

Marcia Segal
American Folklife Center
Library of Congress
Last Saturday eve., while presenting a Kevin Burke concert at a WA
State Park, I was taking pictures with my Nikon D-70 digital SLR. Most
of them I took with available light. At the end of the concert, I turned
on the built-in flash. When I pushed the shutter button, the sound
system, which was a professional sound system brought in by a
professional sound person, made a loud noise like a sonic boom & dimmed
the house lights momentarily, much to the distress of the audience.
Because I could not believe that it was caused by me, I took another
picture & it happened again, again to the audience's distress. After the
concert I tried it again & sure enough, my flash was the cause of it.
Has anyone else ever had a similar experience or does anyone know
anything about this? I've never had it happen & I've taken hundreds of
digital flash pictures at concerts. The sound person, who has almost 30
years in the biz, had never seen or heard anything like it. Anybody ever
have a similar experience? If yes, any thoughts on it?

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