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Re: [ARSCLIST] Warsaw Concerto / STINSON SLP 38 / SCHWANN Catalog

Frank Strauss wrote:
On 10/2/06, Roger and Allison Kulp <thorenstd124@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Maybe the Warsaw Concerto isn't a priceless classical treasure, but it isn't
bad movie music.

I doubt if any among us is so specialized that there is no music in another genre which appeals. I don't know jazz, but don't take away Ella at the Opera House.

It's not that anyone is suggesting that movie music - or the Warsaw Concerto - is 'bad' or beneath contempt, just that it should not be and usually is not categorized as "classical".

As with most such labelling, the margins are not well defined. Some consider Rhapsody in Blue classical, some jazz, some put it into another slot. Don't matter none: I like it regardless of the label and I file it in my classical recordings.


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