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Re: [ARSCLIST] Warsaw Concerto / STINSON SLP 38 / SCHWANN Catalog

There are also a couple of halfway decent records of it by The Boston Pops,fron the 50s.Halfway decent,due to the innate limitations of the piece.
           Roger kulp

Robert Hodge <rjhodge@xxxxxxx> wrote:
  I have always found the 78 RPM Columbia soundtrack recording of the
Warsaw Concerto from " Dangerous Moonlight " conducted by Muir
Mathiesen to be very satisfying. 
And not a hard record to find which would seem to indicate that others
liked it as well.

Good Performance ! IMHO...

Bob Hodge

Robert Hodge,
Senior Engineer
Belfer Audio Archive
Syracuse University
222 Waverly Ave .
Syracuse N.Y. 13244-2010

315-443- 7971

>>> dlennick@xxxxxxxxxxxx 10/2/2006 4:27 PM >>>
Dnjchi@xxxxxxx wrote:

> In a message dated 10/2/2006 1:46:38 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
> dlennick@xxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
> Nothing snobbish about it..the Warsaw Concerto is an embarrassingly
bad and
> catchy and kitschy piece of crap. Not as big a piece of crap as the 
> Rhapsody which was the Warsaw Concerto played sideways. Anyway, the 
July 1958
> Schwann lists the Smokey Mountain Suite played by Leo Litwin on 
Boston 500
> and
> 8 or 9 WCs on various labels, no Stinson. Earlier Schwanns list only
> Smokey
> Mountain Suite
> I guess it proves that this list has many contrarians; I happen to
LIKE the
> Warsaw Concerto and the cornish Rhapsody. And I HAVE the Boston LP
of the
> Smoky Mountain Suite.
> Takes all kinds, I guess.
> Don Chichester

Hey..I said "catchy", don't forget. Addinsell wrote some good tunes.
I'll still
take that one over the Medication from Thais.


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