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Re: [ARSCLIST] CD versus Download was "All hail the analogue revolution..."

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From: "Lou Judson" <loujudson@xxxxxxx>
> Off the topic, but I have a cello friend and client, who spent a few 
> evenings recording some Bach cello suites on her own (I set up the gear 
> and she pushed her own buttons over a number of late night solo 
> sessions - I get to edit and master it). When I asked her why another 
> set of the suites, she said she just needs to play them and sella few 
> copies at concerts.
> I asked he what she thought of Yo Yo Ma's versions, which I listen to 
> now and then, and she said, well, I studied under him for five years 
> and I want to do it a bit differently... I was impressed that she did 
> not say "Better" and that she saw hundereds of his performances from 
> the front few rows...
> I did not mention Casals, ecept when she got distressed over how nicely 
> her breathing got recorded. She relaxed then.
> Anyway, as a performer she just has to do it. Whether a record company 
> would release it is another matter!
Interesting! As a sometime blues performer, I've been doing the same
thing at my "rare but all too frequent" gigs...in fact, many independent
unsigned bands are as well. The beauty of CD technology is that if you
can record your performances in any form (including mike-to-CD-R) you
can "burn" as many copies of the recording as time and patience allow...
and they will function just like professionally recorded/pressed CD's!

I used to tape my band just to audition what we actually sounded like
(impossible to determine when one is on stage!) and still have the
tapes. Perhaps someday I'll try to assemble a "live" CD therefrom...

Steven C. Barr

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