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Re: [ARSCLIST] ARSCLIST Digest - .BWF backward compatibility

On 30/03/04, Mwcpc6@xxxxxxx wrote:

> This is what I have a hard time understanding. To me the very essence
> of an archive is the unchanging nature of it's contents. The current
> thinking in audio-video preservation is that the medium must be
> constantly changed in format to match the current technology.
> This is an active process. Even neglecting the possibility of human
> error and equipment failures, it requires a constant approval of
> operating funds to assure continuity of the process. There will be no
> discoveries of long lost documents in a neglected warehouse or attic.

When documents were copied by hand, many errors crept in. The pictures
could become almost unrecognisable (look at the illustrations in a

Even with a system of error correction, as was used by Indian
astronomers (whose documents had to be continuously replaced because of
the climate), mistakes are made and whole documents lost.

Don Cox

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