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Re: [ARSCLIST] Information on open reel players and tapes

At 05:54 PM 3/26/2004 -0600, you wrote:
on 3/26/04 4:44 PM US/Central, Richard L. Hess at arclists@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

> The track width is basically the same for two-track stereo and
two-track mono.
> Half-track mono is the same as two-track mono as far as I can tell.
Both use
> 0.082 inch track widths.

At the risk of over zealously picking nits here, there are at least three
different standards for two track and/or half track widths.

In order of narrow to wide differences there are: 1) Ampex, 2) NAB and 3)
Euro standard widths. If you use a narrower playback head than the recorded
track width, you will experience the "fringing effect" which is a low
frequency boost below 100Hz.

Hi, Parker,

I hate on first broaching the subject to overload people with that item.
Yes, there is a relatively big difference between US and European practice,
but the three you list are 0.075, 0.082, and 0.100 inches wide.

Richard Hess' web site contains a wealth of information on this topic, and

Thank you!

there is some additional information at:


I think your Web site mentions the "1/8" inch width, but that metric chart from Tascam on my site shows 3.81 mm as the tape width which works out to 0.150.

preparing and maintaining this information is difficult--please, anyone let
me know of any errors in my site. I'm sure they're there <smile>.



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