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Re: [ARSCLIST] Historical off air recordings. Boston Sysmphony Orchestra broadcasts.

On Fri, 19 Mar 2004, John Ross wrote:

> Others will have more information about this than I do, but it seems likely
> that anything in this collection of aircheck tapes probably exists in
> better quality copies recorded in the concert hall by the Boston Symphony
> Transcription Trust.

Well actually, it depends on how far back...many broadcasts as recent as
the 1950s survive only through recordings done by individuals. I also
recall that many of the summer concerts from the 60s were lost.

> And of course, the BSO owns the rights to the recordings and the
> performances, so Mr. Amirian cannot legally duplicate or distribute his
> tapes without their permission.

And, from the perspective of a researcher and music lover, thank God not
everyone follows the letter of the law...no, I am not suggesting that we
all disobey the law, but were it not for collectors, many significant
performances would have been lost. And, with the current laws, and with
the BSO holding most of their own materials from the 1950s on, were it not
for those who make copies available, you could not hope to hear any of
that material.


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