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Re: [ARSCLIST] Is this 1929 Harmony Recording Acoustic? (Harmony 308H)

Steven C Barr wrote:

> Since my computer's sound is far from high-fidelity, it's hard to tell for
> exact sure...but
> it sounds to me like most 1925-30 Harmony's, which are acoustic. The only
> way to be sure is
> to compare it audibly with a Columbia of the same period.
> Steven C. Barr

It's acoustic for sure, although a darned good-sounding one. The giveaway is
the complete lack of deep bass. I'm sure a spectral analysis (which I
haven't done yet) will confirm it.

(I don't know what this recording has to do with Henry Ford's insincere
retraction, unless Mr Friedman was simply giving some historical

Aaron Z

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