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Re: [ARSCLIST] Odd Speed

At 09:22 PM 3/5/2004 -0500, Steven C. Barr wrote:

Hmm-m-m-m...kinda makes sense, but let me see. I'll do this in meters to
the math easier (besides, as a Canadian I have to!)...

Electicity travels at approximately 3*10^8 meters/sec (300,000,000).
This means if the paths were different in length by 300 km (300, 000 or
3*10^5 m) there would be a difference of 1 millisecond. This puts the
two waveforms out of perefect sync by one part in a thousand...or
.36 of a degree (assuming the generators were in sync).

Will this have any effect on AC devices?

If your arithmetic were appropriate, it would have little effect - but you dropped a factor of 60. It's a millisecond out of a sixtieth of a second to find the shift in one cycle. (You're not running the mains at one Hertz are you? <G>) So the shift is about 20 degrees and that's most noticeable.

Mike -- mrichter@xxxxxxx http://www.mrichter.com/

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