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Re: [ARSCLIST] Odd Speed

About 15 years ago a friend sent me his reel tape collection of interviews he had made while doing a religious news show on the BBC.  He asked only that I might convert one or two tapes to cassettes for him.  Upon playing the tapeS! I found they were, in fact, recorded at about 5 ips!
I did the best I could at the time by increasing the size of the capstan until it came close to c. 5 ips.  
Evidently some recorders (for radio use???) recorded at 5 ips, or nearly so.  Else, why were there several such tapes?
Don Chichester
P.S.  The man was Rev. Eric Robinson, and his show was "Man with a Mike".  He interviewed numerous famous clerics and theologians just after WW II.

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