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Re: [ARSCLIST] Odd Speed

Mike is right about the eq, but sine the speed seems to be in the middle
I would compare the 3.75 to the 7.5 and create a curve between these
two well known profiles and use this mid-point as a start to making your
own personal 5.625 curve! Sounds fun to me...

On Thursday, March 4, 2004, at 10:57 AM, Mike Richter wrote:

At 10:44 AM 3/4/2004 -0500, Aaron Luis Levinson wrote:
Any decent audio studio with a 1/4 mastering deck (Otari, Studer,
will have a vari-speed function that would allow you to adjust the
speed + or -
15%. The problem with your tape is that only a mastering/archival lab
has 3.75/ 7.5
machines. Art has the best solution for this kind of problem. Since it
is not
a "High Fidelity" recording why not simply play it at either fixed
speed and
adjust the playback speed digitally? We spoke about this thread before
and I'm sure
someone here will have a cost effective piece of software to suggest
for this job...

Since the job is changing pitch and speed, any editor will do it. In fact, I think the free WAVMERGE posted at my WWW site will handle that, let alone GoldWave, CoolEdit, Adobe Audition and any other editor I've run.

Note that whatever is done to play the tape back, the equalization
will be
'wrong'. That is, I know of no standard EQ for a speed between 3.75
and 7.5
ips, so expect to have to correct that by guess.

Mike -- mrichter@xxxxxxx http://www.mrichter.com/

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