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[ARSCLIST] Emerson Records ownership

Hey all,

   I have a kind of esoteric question. Does anyone know who, if anyone,
owns the rights to Emerson Records, the label that operated from the
teens to the twenties and produced 5, 7, 9, 10 and 12 inch records. I
know from the researching (mostly on mainspringpress.com) I've done that
Emerson was sold to Scranton Button Works in November 1924. I also know
that Scranton was later involved in the creation of A.R.C. which was
later sold to Columbia, now Sony. What I don't know was if the Emerson
rights were included in the creation of A.R.C. or if they lapsed into
the public domain with the folding of the re-organized Scranton Record
Company sometime in the 1940's. I can't find anything which answers this
question directly, so I wonder if any of you know. Thanks very much.


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