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Re: arsclist National Recording Registry: Nominations

At 11:12 PM 9/17/02, you wrote:
Hello, All!

As ARSC's representatives on the National Recording Preservation Board, David Hamilton and I encourage ARSC members and ARSC List subscribers to nominate sound recordings for possible inclusion in the National Recording Registry.

This is easy to do, via an online Nomination Form, on the NRPB Web site. See the press release below, from the Library of Congress, for more information.

Note the deadline of November 1, 2002, for this year's nominations.

Bill, are privately held recordings allowed to be nominated? If so, and if they are admitted to the registry, what would it mean for the owner? Is there some obligation to preserve? Would it be like owning a registered historical building? Would it prevent you from doing something with/to the artifact?

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