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arsclist National Recording Registry: Nominations

Hello, All!
As ARSC's representatives on the National Recording Preservation Board, David Hamilton and I encourage ARSC members and ARSC List subscribers to nominate sound recordings for possible inclusion in the National Recording Registry.
This is easy to do, via an online Nomination Form, on the NRPB Web site.  See the press release below, from the Library of Congress, for more information.
Note the deadline of November 1, 2002, for this year's nominations.
Bill Klinger
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Chardon, OH  44024
Telephone: +1 (440) 564-9340

September 18, 2002
Press contact:  Craig D'Ooge  (202) 707-9189, cdoo@xxxxxxx


        The Library of Congress is seeking nominations of sound
recordings to the National Recording Registry.  In accordance with the
National Recording Preservation Act of 2000 (P.L. 106-474), Librarian of
Congress James H. Billington will name culturally, historically or
aesthetically significant sound recordings to the National Recording
Registry.  The Act sets forth a program to ensure the preservation of
our heritage in sound and includes the establishment of the National
Recording Preservation Board and National Recording Preservation
Foundation, in addition to founding the Registry in the Library of
        Nominated sound recordings must be culturally, historically or
aesthetically important, and/or inform or reflect life in the United
States.  They must also be at least ten years old.  A complete listing
of the criteria, as well as further information about the Registry and
the National Recording Preservation Board, may be found at the National
Recording Preservation Board Web site: www.loc.gov/nrpb.  The deadline
for nominations this year is Nov. 1.
        All nominations should include the recording artist(s), title
and record label name/number for published recordings, or a brief but
specific description for unpublished and broadcast recordings.
Nominations should also include a very brief justification.  Individuals
may submit up to ten registry nominations per year.  Nominations must be
submitted in writing via the Web site registry nomination form or by
delivery to the following address: National Recording Registry c/o
M/B/RS, Library of Congress, Washington, DC 20540-4698.
        Due to delays in the USPS mail delivery to Capitol Hill, the
submission of nominations by e-mail or private services is preferred.
        # # #
PR 02-131
ISSN 0731-3527

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