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Re: arsclist FW: [MLA-L] Ency Recorded Sound Contributors

In a message dated 8/30/02 12:03:30 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
bnelsons@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:

 Dear List:
       We are in the process of producing a second edition of THE
       ENCYCLOPEDIA OF RECORDED SOUND, originally published by Garland.
       While we have located many of the original contributors, we have
       unable to locate several people.  If any one in MLA knows of their
       whereabouts, please let us know (or pass this email along to the
       appropriate parties).
       The missing contributors are:
       Rev Claude Arnold
       William Ashbrook
       Garrett Bowles
       John Case
       Edgar Hutto
       Warren Rex Isom
       Bill Klinger
       Michael Lane
       R. Dale McIntosh
       Robert O'Brien
       Steven Permut
       Robert Reinher
       Gerald Seaman
       Jon Swartz
       Larry Warner
       If you have any information, please contact Shannon McLachlan at
       Routledge smclachlan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx or (917) 351-7139.
       Thanks for your help.
. I will send you phone # for Michael Lane and Rev. Arnold.

Garrett Bowles and Bill Klinger are ARSC members. I amm CCing them on your 

Steve Ramm

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