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arsclist Hello note - new memebr

Hello List,
I have just subscribed to this list and this is my hello massage. Our
company is the largest, and dare I say, the most advanced, restoration lab
in Israel. From what I gather of the few notes received from yesterday there
are some familiar faces and dear colleagues on the list - so hello all.

What we do:
We do a lot of analog tape restoration and transfers (2" to cassettes),
baking, elastic restoration, phonograph audio "lifting" and restoration,
forensic audio, digital transfers etc. Our company is a "first step" for
several record companies (the large 5) in the "re-master" route that is very
popular right now. We also deal with a lot of rare masters for
music-collectors-record labels with masters arriving from clients around the
globe ranging from Japan to Mexico from Israel to Austria, Germany and
Although the company provides services for some of the "big boys" I am
equally happy to work with any individual and private collector out there,
it's always fun for me.

It's good to be here and hope to contribute as much as interact.


Joav Shdema
Producer / Engineer

Joav Shdema Inc.
Sound Production
It's the ear, not the gear

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