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Re: arsclist turntable advise

"joe@xxxxxxxxxxx" wrote:

> What is the channel looking device at extreme left, next to the Doctor's
> cleaning brush?
A remote control for an Ampex ATR-800 recorder.

> Are microscopes like that still made?
Nope... that one is an A/O-Spencer with a reticle calibrated in "mils" for
measuring grooves, rescued from an old Presto disc recorder that was being
scrapped.  (If you really want one, I have a slightly different version that
I will probably auction on eBay at some later time)

> Whta is the silver colored device between the microscope and the left cover
> hinge?
A record weight... diameter of a 45 rpm record hole.
> The plastic items to the right of the table that look like coins?
They ARE coins... a "calibrated" Canadian 10 cent piece (weight 3 gms) and a
Canadian 25 cent coin (weight 5 grams) for when I need a little more than 
the standard weights that I've set the arm and cartrige shells for.

> Small plastic pipe tube?
Fits over the cartridge shell lifter when I need to gently apply some 
pressure or torque while playing an obstinate disc.

> The device to the left of the top head shell?
A "T" spirit level for ensuring that the entire slab remains level.

... Graham Newton

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