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Re: arsclist turntable advice

Graham seems to be unaware that Mike Stosich (Esoteric Audio)
makes available *new* turntables under the Rek-O-Kut name, and
a model called the "Rondine": it is belt-driven, has 12 fixed speeds,
(16 to 90 rpm), wil play 17" discs and comes with a height-variable
arm. Price $1200.

I do not have any experience with this particular product, but it looks
good to me. Over the years, I have purchased other things from Esoteric,
and have always been pleased with quality. You might want to write
Stosich for a free catalog: ESOTERIC SOUND, 4813 Wallbank Ave.,
Downers Grove, IL 60515.
Or Email to: esoterictt@xxxxxxxx

Doug Pomeroy   pomeroyaudio@xxxxxxx
Audio Restoration & Remastering Services

> Date: Mon, 19 Aug 2002 17:13:04 -0400
> From: Graham Newton <gn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Subject: Re: arsclist turntable advise
> Steve Weiss wrote:
>> We're looking to buy a new turntable to play 45s, lps, 78s and 16"
>> transcription discs for our audio preservation studio.
>> Does anyone have experiences with a Rek-O-Kut Rondine 3 turntable that
>> they could relate? Any suggestions or turntable recommendations would be
> The Rek-O-Kut turntables have not been made for many years.
> I strongly recommend against buying a "vintage" turntable like this for any
> archival or restoration purposes.
> Parts are not available, and rubber idler wheels have usually dried out
> and hardened.  Designs were usually not attentive to rumble and noise
> and THAT you can't fix.  Most had no ability to adjust speed to correctly
> "pitch" an off speed recording.
> Get a modern design turntable with a good arm cartridge and a proper sized
> stylus for the discs you are dealing with.
> Check the SOURCES and LINKS pages on my web site for where to find them.
> Alternatively, put your own together using a turntable like a Technics SP-15
> and an SME 3012-R arm... see the following picture of my transfer turntable
> using these components.
> http://www.audio-restoration.com/MVC-383F.JPG
> ... Graham Newton
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