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arsclist Ampex 541

Hi everyone,

I have three reels of Ampex 541 1/4" tape recorded in 1963 or 64 that I
need to play.  They are quite sticky and are mylar-based, and I am
hesitant to just go forth and bake them.

Scott Dorsey's list on the web
(http://recordist.com/ampex/docs/apxtape.txt) indicates 541 is a 1.0 MIL
version of Ampex 531, and that Ampex 511 is a 1.5 MIL version of 531.
However, I have several reels of Ampex 511 that were recorded in the
same session and stored along side the 541 that show absolutely no
problems at all.  Also, the 511 oxide color is quite different (more
brown) than the 541 oxide which is a very deep, almost blood red.

If you have been successful or unsuccessful in attempts to transfer
Ampex 541 having sticky problems I would appreciate hearing from you.

Thanks, Jeff

Jeff Carroll
Audio Preservation & Restoration Engineer
Southern Folklife Collection
Manuscripts Department
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Ph.(919) 962-1345   Fax (919) 962-3594

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