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Re: CDs, was DATs, Was Re: arsclist Duplicating casette tapes

On 09-Aug-02, Steve Green wrote:

> I didn't intend to jump into the fray and still don't have time to
> pursue this further, but I would like at least to disagree about the
> relevance of UV and heat. I would have to say that regular window
> glass is not "opaque to UV." One has only to walk past a bookstore
> window on Main Street and see all the book jackets completely faded to
> realize the effect of sunlight on printed materials. I'm not prepared
> to say how it might affect CD-R dyes. 

The backs of most of my books at home are faded likewise.

However, the cyan ink is always the least affected - it is the magenta
and yellow that fade. CD-Rs use cyan dyes which presumably are
chemically related to the ones in printing inks (phthalocyanines).

So CDs should be less sensitive than book jackets. I would still keep
them away from direct light.

Don Cox

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