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Re: CDs, was DATs, Was Re: arsclist Duplicating casette tapes

George Brock-Nannestad wrote:
> From: Patent Tactics, George Brock-Nannestad
> Perhaps I should mention that UNESCO is coordinating meetings
> of understanding between media manufacturers (later equipment
> manufacturers) and IASA, the International Association of Sound
> and Audiovisual Archives, as well as FIAT/IFTA the International
> Federation of Television Archives. There is an understanding on the
> side of manufacturers that archives have a need for stability rather
> than speed (CD-R's) and for information regarding typically reel-to-
> reel and video magnetic tape, and archives have an understanding
> that media manufacturers are not deciding the pace of
> development, and the archives will obviously respect proprietary
> trade information in order that competition between firms (of which
> there are fewer and fewer) will not be distorted. UNESCO itself
> (under the auspices of the Memory of the World programme) will
> act as a type of clearinghouse.
> But the optimistic conclusion of a recent meeting in Paris on 14
> June 2002 was that it would indeed be possible to have a CD-R
> manufactured which would adhere to "older" standards of reliability
> connected to slower speed.
> Like all development, this will probably be slow going, and a lot of
> stop-gap measures will be needed by the various archives. In my
> view, the most important is actually the pick-off of the signal from
> the original media, unless it is already in a "digital" form, in which
> case we "only" have coding problems. And that problem will be
> with us for a long time yet and will not be solved by the media
> solution.
> Kind regards,
> George Brock-Nannestad
> Patent Tactics

"Older standards of reliability" do not apply to media, unless you want
to go back to 63 minute discs. Recording drive speed is the issue. Some
"older" 1X-4X media was great but some was rotten. The same is true
today. Vibration and other effects are serious when writing at speeds
above 12X.

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