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Re: CDs, was DATs, Was Re: arsclist Duplicating casette tapes

Richard Hess wrote:

> Is this specific Quantegy disc made by Mitsui? The ones I bought about a
> year ago are.

I believe I may have made a mistake about the CD-R brand in my first
posting. Prompted by your question, I looked at the CD-R in the window and
saw that it was stamped MITSUI in the clear center hub area. I now think
that this is a Mitsui branded disc, not Quantegy. The Quantegy golds that we
have do not say Mitsui anywhere on them. I have been led to understand that
Quantegy gold discs are made by Mitsui but perhaps that's not always a
given? Can anyone elaborate on that? I'm under the impression that using
software or a CD-R checking unit, one can determine the manufacturer of the
CD-R, but I've not learned how to do that yet. Anyone have pointers to a
place with more details about determining the source of  CD-Rs? Seems like
it might have been covered on this list at some point, but...

If both Mitsui and Quantegy branded discs are made by Mitsui, then we're
good-to-go I would think.


Steve Green
Western Folklife Center

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