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Re: arsclist cylinder housing design

Yes, LC did use that design for several years but becuase of the problems
mentioned by David, it is unsuitable for wax cylinders. 

Sam B.

On Sun, 31 Mar 2002, David Seubert wrote:

> I've heard of that design. My understanding of the problems with this
> design (all hearsay) was that the conical supports ended up putting
> pressure on the cylinders and splitting them. Maybe somebody can confirm
> this?
> David
> On Sat, 30 Mar 2002, Paul T. Jackson wrote:
> > There was a unit developed by Robert Carneal who was in charge of
> the Recorded Sound Section at the library of congress in the 1970's.  
> I don't have a picture of it, but I had made a sketch of it for a
> pamphlet I put together, but can't find.  It might be in one of the
> ARSC Journals or bulletins from around 1972.  He presented it at one
> of the Indiana University conferences.  It was a square box, but he
> had an insert triangular shape [pyramid] engineered to fit into both
> ends to keep the cylinder straight and somewhat away from the sides of
> the box.  It was quite a unique engineered job, but I don't think they
> were ever made commercially...only for the Library of Congress. > >
> Paul T. Jackson - Trescott Research > Information & Library
> Development > trescott@xxxxxxxxx >

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