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arsclist resource, BLC Studio

The following is a description of the BLC Recording Studio being sent in response to an email sent by Richard Hess. I hope this may be of value. In particular, the studio has done much archiving, mastering, recording and preservation of languages from around the world, many of which are rarely spoken today. Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions. Thanks.
--Gina Hotta, recording studio supervisor

Berkeley Language Center

B-40 Dwinelle Hall # 2640
Berkeley, CA 94720-2640
Phone 510-642-0767
Fax 510-642-9183

The Berkeley Language Center
BLC Recording Studio

The Studio offers: digital and analog recording, playback, reproduction, transfer capabilities; high quality voice recording; equipment for playback of various types of recordings; language and some music mastering and archiving; editing, mixing, production for radio and other uses

Loans, Rentals: portable DAT and MiniDisc recorders as well as Sony, Marantz cassette and video recorders; microphones available

Clients: UC Language & Linguistic Departments, UC Office of the President, Berkeley Art Museum, Cal Performances, National Public Radio Enfoque Nacional, CBS, others.

Equipment: Pro Tools, Vegas Audio; analog and digital equipment includes Fostex, Tascam DATs; HHB, Sony MiniDiscs; Ampex, Otari MTR10, MX5050 with 2 and 4 track heads, Sony TC 850 with vari-speed, 2-4 track head, Uhers tapes machines; Denon 720 and Nakamichi tape decks; Technics SLP 700 CD player, Smart & Friendly CD burner; turntables: Rek-O-Kut with vari-speed, Technics Quartz SL1200 with filter; Audiotronics board; compressors, limiters, de-esser, gate, expanders: UREI LA- 4, Symetrix, dbx DDP; Orban parametric eq; Yamaha and JBL monitors; JVC Plug & Play VHS; Sony Hi8 camcorder; microphones: U87i, C451E, Sennheiser MD421, ME40, and more.

Contact: Gina Hotta, studio supervisor 510/642-0767x12
or LL-Stu@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

At 01:09 AM 1/13/02 -0800, you wrote:

Once again, sorry for the cross posting.

I'm trying to create a Web site that is of use to people while also letting people know my media restoration capabilities.

As always, I like discussing your projects with you. They always present interesting challenges whether or not I actually do any of it.

I have made a substantial update to my resources page trying to create a referral service of who to check for specialty transfers. There are obviously omissions in it. I hope there are no errors.

If you provide a resource and wish to be added, please let me know.

If there's a format you would like to know about transferring and don't see a link to it, please ask. I may know some people who can do this.

The resources page offers substantial detail in the area of reel-to-reel tapes as there are literally hundreds of possible combination of tape width, track configuration, noise processing, speed and equalization. I haven't even tabulated speed--most people can do the most common speeds. Many machines have wide-range varispeed as well.

I hope you find it useful!



Richard L. Hess                              richard@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Glendale, CA USA                           http://www.richardhess.com/
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