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arsclist SoundForge 4.5--sampling rate


We're looking for opinions regarding the sampling rate
appropriate for making digital copies of folk music field
recordings from tape to CD.  We have SoundForge 4.5.

Most of our Appalachian folk music collection was recorded
in the 1930s - 70s, the earliest to aluminum disc.  It's possible
that a few of the later recordings are in stereo.  Later, most
of these recordings were professionally transferred to tape on
12 inch reels recorded at 15 ips.

Would it make a significant difference to sample this kind of
material at a rate higher than 16 bits?

Michael R. Ridderbusch
West Virginia and Regional History Collection
West Virginia University Libraries, Colson Hall
Morgantown, WV  26506-6464

phone 304-293-3536
fax        304-293-3981

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