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EMI Centenary box

Please forgive cross-postings.
In honor of their centenary, 1897-1997, EMI recreated an acoustical recording studio at Abbey Road. On January 28, 1997, Roberto Alagna, tenor, with Antonio Pappano at the piano, performed "No, Pagliaco, non son" from Leoncavallo's "Pagliacci" and Gastoldon's "Music Prohibita."  The resulting acoustical record, probably the last ever mass-produced using this recording system, was pressed as a two-sided vinyl 10" 78 rpm with red Gramophone Concert labels, though some of the smaller type makes clear its more recent origin.    

EMI's intent was undoubtedly to give the box to friends in their retail and wholesale operations and to others in the record business.  This distribution seems not to have taken place in the U.S.  I recently purchased a video close-out service's remaining stock. Each is sealed though not numbered.  I doubt they made more than a few hundred, worldwide.  It resonates as a true collector's item of the future. And, of course, it's an ideal Christmas gift. The singing ain't too bad, either.

I'm selling them at $ 55.00 each, postpaid in the US. 

Label, side 1: http://www.erols.com/smolians/EMIlabel2.JPG    Label, side 2 http://www.erols.com/smolians/EMIlabel1.JPG 

They also made a CD of these two selections as well as a video. http://www.erols.com/smolians/EMICD&Video.JPG

The video shows the Gastoldon being recorded and includes various preparitory activities including the removal of the wax from the oven, a number of angles of the clockwork motor recording system being adjusted and used by two EMI engineers, the tenor's wife giving him advice, and the tenor and pianist at work. The video takes four minutes.  The credits, one minute.  The video is a very effective teaching tool. When freeze-framed, the detail is fascinating.

Caution: The video was intended for use in the US and other countries using the NTSC system.  The tape will not work on other systems.  The record will function on all record players, though it's life will be short indeed if played on an old wind-up. 

            Close-up of video box label. http://www.erols.com/smolians/EMIvideolabel.JPG

These three items were packaged in a sealed promotional box

Box front http://www.erols.com/smolians/EMIboxfront.JPG  and back http://www.erols.com/smolians/EMIbackcontent.jpg

Please send check or money order for $ 55.00 for postpaid deliver to the U.S. to

    Steven Smolian. 1 Wormans Mill Court. Frederick, MD 21701

Order outside the U.S. are welcome, of course.  I'll have to quote shipping charges and payment is in U.S.funds.  I can take credit cards but have to figure out how my new system works.  It seems my tech is never quite high enough.






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