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A New Voice

You might have seen the AP story, yesterday, about the federal spending bill signed last week.  Did you wonder about the University of Idaho getting money for its jazz archive?  I'm the archivist.  I think the article may have overstated, a wee tad, our plans for a website, saying that we will put the entire collection on the internet: photos, recordings, scores, artifacts, and all.  We will have a website, in time, but just now I hope to get an office and chair and phone to call my own.  Some tables and space and boxes and folders to do the physical processing of the collection that we have accumulated would be nice, too.  That's coming.  We'll be joining ARSC, and I'll be needing help from this listserv as we proceed.  I look forward, particularly, to dealing with others with other jazz archives. 
We are, admittedly, off the commonly perceived jazz circuit, here in north Idaho.  You might be asking yourselves: "What, is jazz the preferred music of white supremacists?"   News about the Aryan Nation compound, north of here 100 miles or so,  usually overshadows the fact that Lionel Hampton has been heading up a jazz festival in Moscow, every February, for some years.  We have his papers, as well as those of the late jazz critic Leonard Feather.  We also have the standard fare for sound archives, to judge from the websites I've visited and the few conversations I've had, thus far, with media archivists: tape and records of several dimensions, and now cds. We've been promised some wax and foil cylinders, along with the machines that used to play them. Not that I would allow use of the cylinders on old equipment.  I know more about film and videotape than about sound recording and sound recording equipment, but many of the same conservation and preservation rules apply.  Back in my graduate school days, at Syracuse U., I stopped in often enough at the sound archives bunker (handy by the library and the communications school) to absorb this basic instruction: These things are fragile, be careful!  Now that our collection processing money is really, truly promised, I'll be reading up and asking you for more detailed advice as the need arises.  
I thank for your attention.
Michael Tarabulski
Jazz Archivist
International Jazz Collection
University of Idaho 
Moscow, ID

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