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24-track Dolby A to 24 bit WAV files--where?

A musician friend has some Ampex Grand Master 2-inch 24 track Dolby A tapes that were recorded in the late '70's or early 80's. I'm not sure of the quantity nor the speed--but I don't think there are too many--perhaps a few albums' worth, and I'd suspect 15 or 30 ips. So we need to add baking to the list of services.

Anyway, he's become involved with doing his own computer mixing and would love to get the stuff off these tapes into preferably 24 bit WAV files at an unspecified sample rate. I guess 96ks/s would be great. I don't know if he was thinking of going that high.

Anyway, who can do this to help him? I just did a 16/44.1 transfer of one of his wife's albums from the 15ips Dolby A 1/4-inch 2 track. Interestingly, when I normalized the album to 0dBfs, the peaks of the noise on the recorded tape were -57dBFS.

So any of you know who might be able to do this? I guess he can worry about synching them up.

Oh, and while we're at it, I'll try one more time--anyone want to do the same thing (20/48 would be OK for this) with dbx Type I on a one-inch 8-track? Baking probably needed.

So how much would all this cost?

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