September 2000 Volume 21 Number 3

Regional News

Antoinette Dwan, Column Editor


Debra Evans, paper conservator at the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, conducted an in-painting workshop with Jim Bernstein at the Getty Museum paper lab in April. Debra also taught a week-long workshop to paper conservators at the Centro del Bel Libro, Ascona, Switzerland, at the end of June.

Kimberly Nichols, the FAMSF paper conservation intern from the Buffalo training program, has been appointed to a 2-year Fellowship in the paper conservation laboratory at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts beginning September. Martin Salazar, pre-program intern in the paper lab, will be attending the Winterthur program in the Fall. Catherine Betz is the paper lab's new pre-program intern.

The FAMSF Textile Lab headed by Sarah Gates has expanded its private conservation services to a level similar to those offered by the FAMSF Painting, Object and Paper Labs (the Western Regional Paper Lab). Joanne Hackett, who recently finished at Winterthur, joined the staff last September and has been working on storage projects, including Ethafoam forms for cosmonaut suits, tapestries, costume surveys, mounts for display, and historic California costume and accessories. As do other FAM conservators, Jo spends part of her time on private work and part on the permanent collection. Revenue generated from her private work is used to fund many of the FAM textile exhibitions and projects. The revenue also covers for staff, temporary contract conservators and intern's salaries as in the case of our part-time pre-program intern, Yadin Larochette.

At the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Advanced Paintings Fellow Dawne Steele Pullman has been awarded a Japan Foundation Fellowship to do research and work at the conservation laboratory of Masako Koyano in Tokyo, Japan. Research will involve artists' materials and techniques as well as working on modern and contemporary paintings by Japanese artists. She will be there for five months starting this November after completing her two-year fellowship at SFMOMA, where she will be missed.

Lucy Pearce returned to San Francisco this Spring from her home in Birmingham, U.K., to help to plan and implement an SFMOMA exhibition, "California Classics." The exhibition of permanent collection artworks is on a four-venue tour of Japan. Lucy, along with Associate Objects Conservator Michelle Barger, will accompany the artworks and SFMOMA's registrars to and from various venues of the tour.

Theresa Andrews played a key role in the current exhibition of photographs of Carleton Watkins. In June, she attended "Pictorialist Processes of the Photo-Secession," workshop in New York City, funded by the Mellon Foundation.

Will Shank visited the studio of Jasper Johns in Connecticut this spring as part of the planning stages for a loan exhibition which will take place beginning in September in SFMOMA's galleries. Will is also curating an exhibition, "A Hidden Picasso," based on an x-radiograph taken by Ann Hoenigswald of the National Gallery of Art, of SFMOMA's painting from 1900, "Rue de Montmartre." The exhibition will be presented at SFMOMA in late 2000 and at New York's Guggenheim Museum in the Spring of 2001.

Much of SFMOMA will be turned over, beginning in autumn 2000, to an exhibition of artworks from Bay Area collectors Mr. and Mrs. Harry Anderson. Conservation has been in the forefront of planning for the transport and treatment of the Anderson Collection in anticipation of the exhibition; Paula DeCristofaro, Jill Sterrett, and Michelle Barger are devoting much of their summer to preparing the loaned works for exhibition, with SFMOMA technicians James Gouldthorpe, and former conservation tech Sarah Grew, who has returned for this project. Michelle, Jill and Will are also planning for a complex retrospective of the work of Sol LeWitt, which will open in February next year at SFMOMA.

At the Conservation Center of the Oakland Museum of California, Milada Machova has recently joined the staff as Associate Painting Conservator. Milada is currently working on two paintings from the collection: a fire-damaged Jay DeFeo and a vandalized Corbett. Julie Trosper recently returned from Egypt where she attended a Conference on the Conservation of Antiquities at the University of Cairo. Bonnie Baskin will be spending six months working at the Royal Palace Museum in Luang Prabang, Laos, at the invitation of the Lao government, under a grant from the Asian Cultural Council.

John Burke is completing a conservation survey at the Lahaina Foundation in Maui, and has begun his second term on the AIC board, this time as Director of Specialty Groups, in addition to serving as an officer of the Electronic Media Group. And finally, the lab will greatly miss the presence of Martin Salazar who was recently accepted by both Winterthur and Buffalo graduate programs. Because of his interest in photographic conservation, Martin chose Winterthur to receive training with Debbie Hess-Norris, and leaves the lab in July.

Alejandro Reyes-Vizzuett has been working on a polychromed and gilded sculpture at the Monterey Cathedral and on a 17th century Mexican painting attributed to Baltasar Echave Orio from the Santa Ines Mission. He also completed conservation treatment on the Republic bronze statue by Robert Ingersoll Aitken, 1903, dedicated to McKinley, 25th president located in Golden Gate Park. The project was commissioned by the City of San Francisco and was featured in the San Francisco Chronicle.

Zukor Art Conservation welcomes Dirk Schonbohm to its staff; Dirk is a graduate of the Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Kunste, Stuttgart, whose experience includes working as a conservator for the Government Archive and the State Library of Berlin. He will be staying for two years and will be helping complete the latest of the oversize projects-this time 60 linear feet of hand painted Chinese wallpaper.

Antoinette Dwan finished a CAP survey for the Riverside Museum. Her sub-speciality is the treatment of contemporary pieces and she is currently working on a collection that includes an oversize Sam Francis, Andy Warhol, and J. Johns. She has just completed a collection of old master drawings for the Crocker Art Museum and is working on the historical collection for the Klondike Museum in Alaska.

Holly Anderson has accepted the position as WAAC secretary for the next year and will begin her official duties in November. She continues to build her private practice in Sebastopol. She has completed an analysis of Percy Gray's water color pigments and along with an article by Anita Noennig it will soon be published in the book The Legacy of Percy Gray, by the Carmel Art Assn.

Regional Reporter:
Paloma Garcia-Anoveros
Lucasfilm Ltd. Archives


Monica Jaworski has sold her business, Peregrine Brushes and Tools, to Janet and Ted Hancock of Wellsville, Utah. Ted is the brother of Bill Foster of Conservator's Emporium. Monica is concentrating on her conservation practice working on a large project of fire-damaged paintings and continuing research on brushes. She was in Amsterdam and The Hague in April. While in Amsterdam she visited Laurent Sozzani and toured the painting conservation lab at the Rijksmuseum. In June, she spent a week in Paris. She has found some great shops for brushes and materials there so give her a call if you would like a list.

Regional Reporter:
Frances Prichett
Paper Conservator
5235 35th Street
San Diego, CA 92116


Allison Payne Langley, a painting conservator at Perry Huston and Assoc., will be presenting a paper at the 1999 ICOM-CC conference in Lyons, France. The paper, entitled "The Analysis of Layered Paint Samples from Modern Paintings using FTIR Microscopy," was co-authored with Aviva Burnstock at the Courtauld Institute of Art in London, and will be published in the ICOM preprints.

Allison reports that Helen Houp, of Perry Huston and Associates, completed treatment on a 20 foot mural by Buck Winn which was installed in the Wimberly High School in Wimberly, TX in April. In addition, Perry Huston and Associates completed on-site conservation of the Charles Holloway murals in the rotunda of the Ft.Wayne, Indiana Courthouse.

Kathleen Giesfeldt was recently elected to Vice-Chair of the Conservators in Private Practice subgroup of AIC. One of her jobs will be to organize a workshop/program for the AIC Annual Meeting in Philadelphia in 2000. She needs volunteers to speak on the subject of electronics and conservation (hardware and software issues as they pertain to conservation and to business). People can contact her at Epoxylady @aol.com or (214) 350-0811.

Kathleen reports that Art Restorations, Inc. in Dallas will be breaking ground in the middle of July for an expansion of their building. This will nearly double their square footage and they hope to expand their practice into the larger aspects of wood conservation (read furniture). Other than that, several members of the staff are looking forward to volunteering on the local committee for the Dallas AIC Annual Meeting in 2001.

Stephanie Watkins was elected to a two year term of Secretary/Treasurer of the AIC Book and Paper Group and Ken Grant was elected to a one year term on the nominating committee for the AIC Electronic Media Group.

Martha Simpson Grant recently completed treatments and consultation for the exhibition "Searching for Eternity Life and Death in Ancient Egypt", which opened in June at the Houston Museum of Natural Science,

Karen Pavelka reports that Beth Doyle and Leslie Long, both students at the Preservation and Conservation Studies (PCS) program of the University of Texas Graduate School of Library and Information Science, received National Park Service Awards to attend the AIC Annual Meeting in St. Louis and that Laura Larkin received an AIC George Stout Award for the same.

Jennifer Sainato, also a student in the PCS program, gave a talk at the AGPIC Student Conference in Buffalo entitled "Training Wheels Pedagogical Implications of a Conservation Treatment". Karen also gave a presentation on the care of scrapbooks at the Texas Library Assn. Annual Meeting in Dallas this past April, and David Brock gave a workshop on knife sharpening this past Spring semester for the PCS students.

Regional Reporter:
Ken Grant
Conservation Department
Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center
P.O. Box 7219
Austin, TX 78713
512/471-9117, fax 512/471-9646


Over the last few months J. Claire Dean has done field work in five northern plains states, travel that included encountering a grizzly bear in Montana, and in Wyoming being caught outside during a storm that consisted mostly of marble sized hail. Her appreciation for the wilderness was renewed this Spring. She also helped organize the 1999 International Rock Art Congress which was held in Wisconsin this May, at which John Griswold presented a paper as part of the conservation symposium.

Elizabeth Darrow: Brief update on my life as Adjunct Prof. in art history at Montana State U. in Bozeman; defend dissertation this October at U. of Washington; presenting paper at Renaissance Society of America in Florence on Neri diBicci altarpiece in St. James Cathedral in Seattle called "If not Lost, then Found Madonna and Six Saints by Neri di Bicci"; presenting paper in New York City March for College Art Assn. on Venetian restorer, Pietro Edwards called "Necessity Introduced these Arts; Pietro Edwards and the Restoration of the Public Pictures of Venice 1778-1819".

Jack C. Thompson reports that Dr. Wolfgang W�chter of Leipzig is now owner of the copyright to his book, "Buchrestaurierung" (Book Restoration) and has agreed to have it translated and published by my publishing division, The Caber Press. Gudrun Aurand will be the translator, and Jack will edit the text. In addition, elements of his latest book, "B�cher Erhalten, Pflegen und Restaurieren" will be included, especially the section which updates his important work on paper splitting.

A couple of weeks ago Jack purchased a used Hewlett-Packard series 5720A GC (Gas Chromatograph) along with an HNU Systems Model P1-52-02 PID (Photo Ionization Detector) with an integrator/printer, plus various and sundry pieces of lab equipment and supplies at the auction of Boise-Cascade Paper Corporation's R&D facility. All-in-all, three very full Subaru station wagon loads. Total expense $203.50.

Regional Reporter:
Peter Malarky
Phone 206/409-7672


Glenn Wharton taught a Field Course in Bronze Conservation from June 26-July 4 this season at Kaman-Kaleh�y�k, Turkey. The course was taught to conservation students and archaeologists working in the field in Turkey, and covered all aspects of excavating, stabilizing and storing copper alloy artifacts.

Sculpture Conservation Studio finished up a big project restoring the lower and upper murals and the painted ceiling of the vestibule of St. Andrews Church in Pasadena (built in 1927 and modeled after an Italian church). Wallpaper and wainscoting were removed, revealing the murals.

Sculpture Conservation Studio also consulted on the installation and cleaning of sculptures at the Santa Fe Springs Heritage Park. The big opening of the park was on June 28th. The park has sculptures and fountains by at least 8 different Los Angeles artists. Sculpture Conservation Studio also embarked on the consolidation of a painted railroad box car, also in Santa Fe Springs.

In May, they finished cleaning, restoring and replacing the Spanish style tiles in Alcazar Gardens in Balboa Park in San Diego, and a paper on the project is being planned for the upcoming WAAC meeting in San Francisco. Currently, Sculpture Conservation Studio has four wonderful Calder pieces which are being restored to their original color.

Linda Strauss reports that the Autry Museum's Concord Stagecoach is in the final stages of conservation by Brian Howard in Carlisle, PA. When the coach was purchased it had an obscuring brown varnish overall. Cleaning has revealed a pea green coach decorated with pink flowers and scrollwork sitting on a yellow undercarriage with black striping. There are fishing and hunting scenes painted on the doors. Brian is now working on the in-painting and the interior of the coach.

Tania Collas returned toTurkey in August to serve as the site conservator at Domuztepe Archaeological Excavations. Marcela Rossello, a recent graduate of the Queen's University conservation training program, assisted Tania as this year's conservation intern. The two conservators treated painted ceramic vessels, stone stamp seals, and a variety of other artifacts found at this fifth millennium BC site in Southeast Turkey. The conservation program at Domuztepe is largely funded by the Samuel H. Kress Foundation.

The Antiquities Conservation Department of the J. Paul Getty Museum has settled into their temporary home away from home. There are two laboratories. There is the South Building Lab located alongside the 405 Fwy where a variety of smaller projects take place with ceramics, metals, fresco fragments, and glass. The Lab for larger stone and mosaic projects and a mountmaking studio are located at the Getty Center Museum. Currently Jerry Podany and Eduardo Sanchez are working on two marble sculptures from the Pergamon Museum. In June 1999 at the AIC Conference in St. Louis, Missouri, Jerry Podany assumed his role as the President of AIC.

Jeff Maish also attended the conference as Chair of the Research and Technical Studies sub-group. In this capacity he organized an Archaeological Conservation pre-session and a panel which discussed the costs of Conservation Science. The 1998-1999 intern, Fatima Marii, continues to treat and conduct research on objects she brought with her from the Petra Church in Jordan. They include melted and distorted window glass fragments, fragile glass lamps and carbonized papyrus. She recently returned from an East Coast and Mid-West tour of museums and conservation labs.

Cara Varnell left LACMA in May of this year to go into private practice. She continues to work with the conservation department at LACMA on special projects. She can be reached at her studio at (562) 438-5648 or by e-mail carav@earthink.net.

Eugena Ordonez, formerly associate conservator at The Museum of Modern Art in New York and doctoral candidate at the University of Delaware Art Conservation Research Program, will be working with Denise Domergue at Conservation of Paintings, Ltd. in Santa Monica. Her experience and interests lie in the conservation and analysis of modern works of art.

Griswold Conservation Associates have completed restoration and conservation of the Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument, a 136' tall granite and bronze Civil War monument at the state capitol complex in Des Moines, Iowa, designed in 1890 by Harriet Ketcham. Jonathan Taggart of Taggart Objects Conservation collaborated with John Griswold and Stefanie Griswold, directing the conservation of the bronze elements, including eleven sculptural groups by Carl Rohl Smith. Kristen Waterman provided invaluable assistance throughout this project and on another adjacent monument as a pre-program intern.

John has recently provided consultation to the Illinois State Museum regarding the conservation of a large sculpture by Jean Dubuffet at the Jerome Thompson Center in Chicago. He also presented a paper on the future of collaboration in rock art conservation at the International Rock Art Congress sponsored by the American Rock Art Research Association in Ripon, Wisconsin. Stefanie Griswold has been coordinating in-studio treatment of the Walt Disney-Tishman Collection of African Art.

Regional Reporter:
Virginia Rasmussen
Conservation Center
Los Angeles County Museum of Art
5905 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90036


Teresa Knutson, Textile Conservator, recently presented a CWAM workshop in Rock Springs, Wyoming. The title of the workshop, in which she demonstrated textile and costume mounting techniques, was "Exhibiting Costumes: Getting Beyond Store Mannequins."

Jeff Wells, RMCC Photographer, has been assisting the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum in cataloguing their collection. He expects to photograph approximately 200 quilts.

Victoria Montana Ryan, RMCC Paintings Conservator and Carol O'Brien English, President of the Denver Chapter of the American Society of Appraisers, gave a presentation to the Paintings Group at the AIC conference. The topic was "Translating Significance Into Value: Musings Between Conservator and Appraiser".

Matthew Crawford, RMCC Objects Conservator, has been conducting several surveys for museums in the COS (Conservation Outreach Services) program. To date, he has traveled to the High Plains Museum, in Goodland, Kansas, the Little Thompson Valley Museum, in Berthoud, CO, the Laramie Plains Museum, in Laramie, WY and the Museum of Northern Arizona in Flagstaff.

John Kjelland has been treating dining room chairs, from the 1790's, to return them to service and has been working with the Rocky Mt. Heritage Center.

Camilla Van Vooren spent several days on-site at the Buffalo Bill Historical Center in Cody, Wyoming, examining paintings for loan, preparing treatment proposals and performing remedial treatments. Eileen Clancy, Conservation of Paper, Parchment and Photographs, Judy Greenfield, Art Objects Conservation and Camilla Van Vooren, WCCFA, participated in a seminar on collection preservation in conjunction with "Celebrate Colorado Artists", a three-day art festival in Denver held over Memorial Day weekend.

Elizabeth Jablonski, a student from Queen's University Master of Art Conservation Program, is participating in a summer internship jointly sponsored by the Denver Art Museum and the Western Center for the Conservation of Fine Arts. Elizabeth is working on a Spanish Colonial devotional painting from the museum's collection, as well as other projects.

The Creative Exchange is a nonprofit organization in Denver from which educators can purchase, at low cost, recycled materials for use in art programs for children. WCCFA is donating scraps of Fome-Cor, mylar, packing materials, etc. from the studio.

Eileen Clancy surveyed Library and Archives at the Colorado History Mus., Denver Museum of Natural History.

Jude Southward attended the American Association of Museum's 1999 annual meeting in Cleveland and presented a paper on needs assessment surveys in a session dealing with long-range conservation planning.

Gina Laurin continues with an IMLS Conservation Project support grant to condition survey 1,600 objects within the DMNH collections. Both Jude and Gina will attend the Society for the Preservation of Natural History annual meeting in Washington, DC.

Jessica Fletcher, a conservation intern from Buffalo State College, Art Conservation Department, has joined the RMCC staff for a summer internship.

Regional Reporter:
Diane Danielson
Rocky Mountain Reg. Con. Center
2420 South University Blvd.
Denver, CO 80208


Cara Varnell, Textile Conservation, Long Beach, CA will treat a mural "Colorful World" by Karel Appel in September 1999. Ms. Varnell examined the mural in June 1999 to prepare for the treatment in Gilcrease Museum's conservation department.

Brian Howard and Associates of Pennsylvania will be visiting Tulsa in July to perform treatment on a Barbara Hepworth sculpture "Seaform".

Helen Houp of Perry Huston and Associates, Fort Worth, Texas treated Kiowa Five murals insitu for Northeastern State University, Tahlequah, Oklahoma in June 1999.

The children's cultural heritage awareness kit "Acid Rain's Harmful Effects on Cultural Monuments and Buildings" has been presented to a Tulsa based manufacturing company for design, production, and distribution nationally and internationally. The kit was produced in Gilcrease Museum's Conservation Department.

The book "The Labeling and Marking of Objects for Museums, Historical Houses and Private Collections" is undergoing its final draft changes of reformatting and editing. Gilcrease Museum's Department of Conservation will distribute copies of the book nationally for comments from colleagues before a final published edition is available.

Regional Reporter:
Gayle S. Clements
Department of Conservation
Gilcrease Museum
Tulsa, OK


Laura Downey has been awarded a fellowship to attend the Advanced Residency Program in Photographic Conservation of the George Eastman House and the Image Permanence Institute.

Tom Braun, Third-year intern at ASM has recently accepted a position with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in St. Louis and will be building a new conservation laboratory. Audrey Harrison, pre-program intern at ASM and WACC, has been accepted to the American Indian Summer Intern Program of the National Museum of the American Indian. Tonja King, pre-program intern at ASM and Fraser-Giffords, have been accepted to the Winterthur-University of Delaware graduate program.

Nancy Odegaard, ASM, recently lectured at the Student Conference of the Conservation Graduate Programs in Buffalo. She and Scott Carroll taught a mini-course in Spot Testing and will be teaching the regular 5 day course at the U. of Aberdeen for the Institute of Arch. Summer Schools. She recently received a U. of Arizona research award to develop spot tests for the characterization of pesticides on museum objects and a NAGPRA Grant to develop materials for a workshop concerning pesticides on repatriated objects for the Am. Indian Tribes in AZ. She will also doing field conservation at the Homolo'vi Ruins in Arizona this summer.

Marilen Pool, has accepted a 4 month contract to work with Gretchen Voeks at the Western Archaeological and Conservation Center on materials from Little Big Horn and Fort Vancouver National Parks.

Vicki Cassman, has received a tenure eligible faculty position as Assistant Professor in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Regional Reporter:
Nancy Odegaard
Arizona State Museum
Tuscon, AZ 85721


Bishop Museum CRCC (Cultural Resources & Collections Care) staff recently completed an updated inventory and condition assessment of the historic Bond Homestead, a 19th century missionary complex located at Kohala on the Island of Hawaii. Beverly Lambert has returned to Canada to pursue other contracts.

Other lab activities include treatment and mounting of a collection of historic, missionary-era costumes, textiles and accessories, ongoing project to treat and mount a collection of historic quilts from Kauai, and preparation of exhibit loans, a feather cape to Maui and a small canoe to Molokai.

Staff is also busy preparing opportunities for visitors to see rare and fragile objects in storage in a new "Behind the Scenes" interpretive tour program.

In preparation for next year's travelling quilt exhibition, "To Honor and Comfort", staff washed and mounted a large portion of the museum's quilt collection. New photographs will be taken and digitized for the production of a website.

Gregory Thomas just completed a condition survey report of paintings in the collection of the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Currently he is treating two abstract oil on canvas paintings by Byron Goto for the Hawaii State Foundation on Culture and the Arts.

His next challenge will be the conservation treatment of a large (11foot x 8 foot) High Renaissance style oil on canvas painting of the Ascension of Christ from the Maria Lanikila Church in Lahaina, Maui. The treatment of this painting is extremely complex because of its poor condition and fragile state.

Greg continues to provide conservation services to his private clients, for example the treatment of a 19th century paper poster by A. Mucha and the recent cleaning and relining of a 19th century oil on canvas of an old Hawaiian sugar mill and landscape attributed to G. H. Denny. Greg's wife, Rose Mary Thomas, is currently providing invaluable assistance in all aspects of his private practice, Art Care.

Downey Manoukian has invited Janice Shopfer to Honolulu to work with her on a French wallpaper project at the Honolulu Academy of Arts.

Marla Curtis is working with Larry Pace for the summer. Marla is a graduate student in the Buffalo Conservation Graduate Program. This Fall she will begin her internship year with the National Gallery of Art Painting Conservation Department.

Melissa Arnold is back on a part-time basis helping out in the studio. There are numerous museum, corporate and private projects in progress and coming up. Larry is also training for the upcoming Tinman Triathlon.

Regional Reporter:
Laurence Pace
1645 Haku Street
Honolulu, HI 96819-1648
fax 808/839-0320


The Museum of New Mexico Conservation Department has had Larry Humetewa from Santo Domingo Pueblo, as a one-year pre-professional conservation intern during the past year. Larry Sisson from the Institute of Archaeology in London will complete a year's internship in the department in August and then move on to the Cleveland Institute of Art.

Monica Harder will complete a research fellowship on the conservation of Spanish Colonial hide painting in the Museum of International Folk Art in September and in October she will be going to a position at the Smithsonian's Museum of the American Indian.

This Fall, Brynn Bender will begin her third year internship in the Department. Brynn is from the Conservation Program at Buffalo. Caroline Finch from the Institute of Archaeology in London, will also be doing graduate intern work in Objects beginning this Fall.

Claire Munzenrider gave a talk on the conservation treatment of the Altar Screen of Holy Trinity Parish in Arroyo Seco, NM and she also presented the same talk for officials and others of the Archdiocese of Santa Fe the end of July. She has spent a great deal of her time in the past year working on the general exhibit's policy for the Museum of New Mexico system.

Dale Kronkreit continues to work part time at the Museum of New Mexico and the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum.

Linda Landry has been working as the Assistant to the Collections Manager where she operated the anoxia fumigation tent and is involved in all aspects of integrated pest management for the Museum system. Renee Jolly has taken her new position as both curator and conservator for the Neutrogena Collection in the Museum of International Folk Art.

Betina Raphael continues to work on the Retablo Collection of the New Mexico State University in preparation for the upcoming exhibition, "El Favor de los Santos." She also gave a training for the National Park Service at Bandelier National Park on the care and maintenance of the Civilian Conservation Corps Tinwork.

She and Steven Prins and his assistants also worked on the conservation of some very large oil paintings in the collection of School of American Research.

Drs. M. Susan Barger and Kathleen Howe ran a week-long intensive course on Care of Museum Collections for small and understaffed museums at the Museum of Fine Arts, U. of New Mexico (Albuquerque) the end of June.

Regional Reporter:
Dr. Susan Barger
3 Moya Lane
Santa Fe, NM 87505

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