WAAC Newsletter

Volume 21, Number 2
May 1999


President's Letter
Jill Sterrett

Letter to the Editor
Theresa Andrews
James Bernstein
Lesley D. Bone
Elisabeth Cornu
Paula de Cristofaro
Carl Grimm
Molly Lambert
Dawne Steele Pullman
Patricia O'Regan
Tony Rockwell
Anne Rosenthal
Charlotte Seifen
J. William Shank
Connie Silver

From the DistList
Carolyn Tallent

Change of Bylaws
Jill Sterrett

The Archive of Techniques and Working materials Used by Contemporary Artists
Erich Gantzert-Castrillo
Jeremy Gaines

Conference Review
Carolyn Tallent

Regional News, Antoinette Dwan, editor

Technical Exchange, Dean Yoder, editor

Health and Safety, Chris Stavroudis, editor

Articles You May Have Missed, Carolyn Tallent, editor

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