September 1998 Volume 21 Number 1

Technical Exchange

Inexpensive Heat-Sealer

I recently purchased something called a "Eurosealer", which is a small, hand-held, heat-sealing device. It operates either on AA batteries or can be plugged in. I have tried using it to seal Mylar .003ml, which I use for encapsulations and it seem to work quite well, once you get the hang of it. It takes some practice! But since it costs only about $18.00, I am hoping it will turn out to be an inexpensive alternative to using double-sided tape, which I know a lot of conservators are not happy about using anymore.

Frances Prichett

Catalogs, Catalogs

A while ago, Robert Proctor introduced me to a catalogue of miniature hand tools called Micro Mark. The prices are about half that I have seen in other catalogues for comparable items. Since they are designed for the precise work of hobbyists and model makers, many of the tools may be of interest to conservators. Some items of interest are micro sanding wands, stainless steel miniature putty knives, disposable micro brush applicators, and miniature power tools, such as a jigsaw/scroll saw and a hand-sized belt sander. Some of the tools that I have ordered from the catalogue over the past six months are not of the highest quality, but they suit my needs well, and for the price I can't complain. To order a catalogue, call 1-800-225-1066, or you can look them up on the web at http://www.micromark.com.

Dean Yoder

Lee Valley Tools, Ltd.

A truely dangerous company to know about is Lee Valley Tools, Ltd. They publish catalogs of fine woodworking tools and hardware, with occasional specialty items such as some recently unearthed Swedish hardware that dates from the 1930's. My recent favorite item is the magnetic bungee holder, a very powerful rare earth magnet covered with a soft, high friction non-marring pad and a ring for attaching cords or bungees; perfect for securing art, tools, etc. They also carry the original heavy duty duct tape. Phone (800) 871-8158, fax. (800) 513-7885. Catalog is $5 but includes a $5 coupon for first order.

Carolyn Tallent

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