September 1998 Volume 20 Number 3

Annual Meeting News

Here's a short selection from the papers presented at Timberline:

Evaporation of Fatty Acids and the Formation of Ghost Images by Framed Oil Paintings
Michael R. Shilling, David M. Curson, and Herant P. Khanjian

Information sources for Conservators
Mitchell Hearns Bishop and Virginia M. Funkhouser

Employing a Temporary Mask for Sensitive Media (Treatment of a Print by Jasper Johns)
Antoinette Dwan

Mounting Solutions for Difficult Objects
James Hascall

Artist Mounts for Photographs
Laura Downey

Awesome Women, Salmon, and Way Cool Science: Volunteering for Science Education
J. Claire Dean

Aspects of Conservation of Works by Donald Judd
Donna Williams

Cactus Juice as an Adobe Additive
Eric Hansen and Mitchell Hearns Bishop

Conservation-related Database Design
Chris Stavroudis

The [Paper] Mill of Dunnydeer
Jack Thompson

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