January 1998 Volume 20 Number 1

108 Suggerimenti per Presentazioni Efficaci

The Newsletter has received a request from Dr. Carlo Federici, Director of the Istituto centrale per la patologia del libro, to translate into Italian the compilation article "108 Tips for Effective Presentations" (Vol 19, #2, 1997) for publication in the CABNewsletter (CAB is the acronym for Conservation in Archives and Libraries [Biblioteche, in Italian]).

This makes the second translation of this article, which has also appeared in the Spanish publication APOYO Newsletter, with a circulation of 3,000 in the Americas and Europe, and in Paper Conservation News, published in England.

It's gratifying that this rather unassuming piece may be preventing countless hours of misery and boredom, now in three languages. No word yet from the Asian market.

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