Volume 19, Number 2 .... May 1997

AIC Internal Advisory Group Meeting

The internal advisory group meeting of AIC is held twice a year, once at the annual meeting and once in the winter. Committee chairs, specialty group chairs, and board members meet regarding issues primarily of internal relevance to that organization, such as Bylaws changes.

At the February meeting in Washington, D.C., topics included a discussion of possible changes to the membership structure in order to increase the number of voting members, and the addition of conservators to the NAFTA Agreement. The committee for Education and Training also submitted its final recommendations regarding the Sec. of the Interior's Professional Qualification Standards for Conservation. The Collections Care Task Force presented its progress in developing guidelines for the training of conservation technicians. The Ethics and Standards Committee announced the next set of Guidelines For Practice to be discussed regarding the development of commentaries: #4b-e Practice, #16 Justification, #17 Sampling and Testing, #18 Interpretation, and #19 Scientific Investigation. Sarah Rosenberg, Executive Director of AIC, gave an update on the upcoming AIC Word Wide Web site.

John Griswold

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