Volume 18, Number 1 .... January 1996

Good Free Stuff from AIC

Following up on Beverly Perkins' funny and informative talk at the annual meeting, "I Paid My Dues to AIC, for What?", the Newsletter with Bev+s help obtained the following list of AIC brochures. All are sent free of charge; if you want over 50 copies it may be a good idea to ask for Jennifer Middleton, the AIC public information staff person. Good for handing out at lectures, at information booths, or keeping around to give to clients.

American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works: Contains information on membership benefits and educational activities of AIC.

FAIC Conservation Services Referral System: Describes the referral service in which a list of conservators is provided to callers according to specific requests. Lists are personalized by both specialty and geographic region.

Conservation Training in the United States: Provides useful information on the field of conservation such as the role of the conservator, conservation practice, graduate academic programs, apprenticeships, financial aid, and addresses and phone numbers of training programs.

Guidelines for Selecting a Conservator: Designed to help one select a qualified conservator. Answers questions such as: What is a Conservator?; What is FAIC Conservation Services Referral System?; What questions should I ask?; and What should I expect from a Conservator?

Caring for Special Objects: Contains information on the basic principles on objects preservation. Topics such as radiant energy, relative humidity, air pollution, pests, and storage of objects are discussed.

Caring For Your Treasures: Lists books by specialty intended to help one learn more about preserving and caring for treasured possessions.

Matting and Framing of Works of Art on Paper: Provides basic information on topics related to preservation of works on paper. Topics such as hinges, backing boards, and glazing materials are discussed.

AIC Information Postcard: An information postcard with conservation definitions and a place to request brochures, detach, and mail to AIC. Ideal for handouts to large audiences at presentations.

Direct all requests for brochures to:

1717 K St., NW
Suite 301
Washington, DC 20006
(202) 452-9545
fax (202) 452-9328

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