Volume 17, Number 2 .... May 1995

Publications / CD-ROM

by Susana C. Zubiate, Column Editor
The GCI Newsletter
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The most recent volume contained the following articles:
"The Vanishing Masterpiece of Prague"
"Preservation and Transformation: a conversation with Vaclev Havel"
"Destruction and Loss: a report on Croatia"
"Coping with the Seismic threat: Byzantine churches in the Balkans"
Courses, Events, and Publications

Interaction of Color
Interactive CD-ROM edition
Yale University Press, Special Projects Department, P.O. Box 209040, New Haven, CT 06520. tel. 203/432-7620, fax 203/432-2394 $125.

Josef Albers' masterwork, describing the characteristics of color and the conditions under which certain optical phenomena occur, is now available in an interactive CD-ROM edition, containing the complete text, commentary, and 150 color plates of the original 1963 edition. Features include:

Runs on a Macintosh with at least 2 MB available RAM; system software version 7.0 or later; a CD-ROM drive; and a color monitor.

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