WAAC Newsletter

Volume 16, Number 3
Sep 1994


President's Letter
Lesley Bone

AIC Advisor Council Meeting Report
Glenn Wharton

Remembering Doug Adams
Steve Colton
Chris Stavroudis
James R. Druzik
Genevieve Baird

Health and Safety
Chris Stavroudis

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum: Preserving History Against All Odds
Eileen Blankenbaker
Jane Klinger
Steven Weintraub

Art in the Public Eye: Conservation in the 19th Century
Elizabeth Darrow

An Introduction to Automatic Fire Sprinklers, Part 1
Nicholas Artim

Book Review
Timothy Barrett

Regional News, Pauline Mohr, editor

Technical Exchange, Dean Yoder, editor

Conference Reviews, Mary Piper Hough, editor

Publications, Susana C. Zubiate, editor

AYMHM: Articles You May Have Missed, Susana C. Zubiate, editor

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