WAAC Newsletter

Volume 16, Number 2
May 1994


President's Letter
Lesley Bone

Modern Artists' Materials Given by Edward and Zora Sweet Pinney to the National Gallery of Art
Jay Krueger

SOS! California Has Been Established
Glenn Wharton

Great Expectations: Questions and Answers on Conservation Materials and Methods
Robert L. Feller

What's Wrong with pH? A Conservator and a Scientist Search for Consensus
Harald Berndt
Nancy Love

Regional News, Pauline Mohr, editor

Health and Safety: Another Story, Chris Stavroudis, editor

Technical Exchange, Lisa Mibach, editor

Conference Reviews, Mary Piper Hough, editor

AYMHM: Articles You May Have Missed, Rosanna Zubiate-Brenner, editor

Publications-Audiovisual, Rosanna Zubiate-Brenner, editor

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