WAAC Newsletter

Volume 15, Number 3
Sep 1993


President's Letter
Patricia Leavengood

Sheldon Keck
Elizabeth C. Welsh

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Walter Henry

AIC, NIC, and Conservators Coordinate Midwest Flood Response
Barbara O. Roberts

Update: Simon Rodia's 'Watts Towers'
N. J. Bud Goldstone

Eradication of Insect Pests in Museums Using Nitrogen
Vinod Daniel
Gordon Hanlon
Shin Maekawa

Conservation at Mission San Xavier del Bac
Jason L. Metcalfe

Flooded River Damages San Xavier's Sister Church
Gloria Fraser Giffords

Conductivity Measurements: A Discussion and Comparison of Two Instruments Used to Follow the Removal of Soluble Salts from Ceramics
Werner S. Zimmt
Nancy Odegaard

Results of the 1990 Alaska State-wide Conservation Survey
Helen I. Alten

Book Reviews
Elizabeth C. Welsh

Regional News, Lesley Bone, editor

Technical Exchange, Elizabeth C. Welsh, editor

Conference Reviews, Mary Piper Hough, editor

Publications-Audiovisual, Rosanna Zubiate-Brenner, editor

AYMHM: Articles You May Have Missed, Rosanna Zubiate Brenner, editor

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