Volume 12, Number 1, Jan. 1990, pp.20-21


Rosanna Zubiate, column editor
Roger P. Brown, (editor). Handbook of Plastics Test Methods, 3rd edition.

This fully revised edition documents the many new developments in the plastics industry, included are many common physical tests used to assess quality and material specification. $159.00 449 pp. 1989. John Wiley & Sons, Inc.; Dept. 063; One Wiley Drive; Somerset, NJ 08875-9977.

Richard W. Hemingway and Anthony H. Conner, Editors. Adhesives from Renewable Resources. The American Chemical Society; Distribution Office, Dept. 312; P.O. Box 57136; West End Station; Washington, DC 20037. 525 pp. $99.95.

This 34-chapter volume focuses on adhesives from the natural resources derived from trees. It encompasses research on adhesive polymers derived from lignins, tannins, carbohydrates, terpenes, and proteins for applications as diverse as tire-cord bonding and eye surgery.

The 3rd Archaeological Conservation Newsletter is out, featuring an interview with Cypriot conservator Andreas Georgiades. The subscription rate remains $10, a bargain. This excellent newsletter, edited by Jeffrey Maish, can be obtained by writing to: ACN; PO Box 1105; Pacific Palisades, CA 90272.

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