Volume 11, Number 3, Sept 1989, pp.3-4

Newsletter News

by Chris Stavroudis

This may look like the same old WAAC Newsletter, but some important changes have taken place since you last read this rag!

Besides being released early (a first in my tenure as Editor), we are inaugurating an exciting, new column--"Dear Xylene". Judging by reactions from the WAAC Board (both positive and negative) it will be a stimulating addition to the Newsletter. Xylene's column and another column under development reflect an important shift in the editorial make-up of our publication.

WAAC now has a team of Editors to put together the Newsletter.

The WAAC Newsletter is the consistent face and voice of our organization. And with the exception of the President's letter on the first page, the Newsletter has been primarily a reflection of the efforts of the Editor and how much time that person was able to devote to working on each individual issue.

By spreading the editorial responsibility across the shoulders of a greater number of interested, committed and talented individuals, the resulting product becomes more broadly focused and less dependent on one person for so important an aspect of WAAC's identity.

Some changes will be subtle and slow in evolution and some rather more obvious and attention demanding. However each column should gradually become more comprehensive, and reflect more of an independent identity.

Walter Henry has agreed to cultivate the "Technical Exchange" column. In addition to preparing the material submitted through the Regional Reporter network, he brings his expertise in paper conservation, computers, and undoubtedly many other odd areas of interest to the Newsletter. His peculiar, ne unique, sense of humor should lighten up each issue (maybe even save WAAC some postage).

Mary Hough is taking on editing and beating-the-bushes for contributions for the "Conferences in Review" column. This is the column that could really stand some development. WAAC members attend many conferences of interest to the general membership, and this column is the vehicle to disseminate that information.

Marc Harnly, in addition to being the Regional Reporter for San Diego, has agreed to take on the unglamorous job of editing and preparing the "Positions Available" and "Training Opportunities" columns. It is dull work, but the columns are important and provide a useful function for the membership.

Rosanna Zubiate, who has been a column editor for some time now, compiles the "In the News", "Articles You May Have Missed", and "Publications" sections. Now we have worked out a way of transferring the material directly from her to the computer that puts the Newsletter together, a big labor saver.

Zora Pinney continues to contribute her column, as well as being the sounding board for many of the ideas and opinions that turn up in these pages. She also provides access to both the Desktop Publishing system that produces the Newsletter, and a Mac II that allows us to transfer information from the Macintosh world to the IBM compatible world.

And while it may seem like a small thing in these heady days of information processing, Joanne Page is the ablest of proof-readers/copy editors / knowledge bases!

Mark Watters, WAAC's Vice-President, has done an excellent job of compiling the "Regional News" column and keeping in touch with all of the Regional Reporters. Next issue, Mark will be the organization's president and we will be introduced to the new Vice-President.

Debra Evans, outgoing President, is to be thanked for her enormous behind the scenes contributions to the Newsletter. Most of the editorial changes discussed above were her ideas! And she coerced many of the column editors into volunteering.

"Dear Xylene" is a combination of a lonely hearts column, talk radio, and Ethics 101. The author is an otherwise well respected, nationally recognized conservator. The column is modeled after "Dear Tibor" which runs in the AIGA (American Institute for Graphic Arts) Newsletter. "Dear Abbey", is far too subtle and pleasant for the purposes of this Newsletter.

It is my hope that "Dear Xylene" will stir up the conservation waters a bit. The column has already stirred up the WAAC Board--some board members hated it. That's good! If you don't like it, write and tell Xylene! The questions in the premier column, obviously, were made up. Let's get some real discussion going here.

Chris Stavroudis
Newsletter Editor

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