Volume 11, Number 2, May 1989, pp.26-27

From the Editor

by Chris Stavroudis

We are always looking to make improvements to the WAAC Newsletter. Myself, Debra Evans, the column editors, and the rest of the WAAC board, are looking for ways to make the Newsletter less of a bother to assemble so that more energy can be devoted to content. We are considering enlisting the aid of additional column editors and using modem data transfers extensively. Any suggestions from the membership would be most welcome.

At last, the maintenance of the WAAC mailing list has fallen into hands other than mine! Years ago, I volunteered to manage our mailing list, using the computer at the Conservation Center at Los Angeles County Museum of Art. When I took on the Editorship of the Newsletter, I just kept on doing the Mailing List as well. The two together were a bit more than a chore, especially around renewal time.

Now the Membership list resides on someone else's computer, our Secretary/Treasurer, Janice Mae Schopfer. Thanks to the efforts of Debra Evans and Robert Futernick, to whom I transferred the list by modem, the mailing list is now MAC-compatible.

Thanks to Pieter Meyers, Head of Conservation, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, for allowing WAAC the use of the Sage IV computer.

Chris Stavroudis

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